Geek Girl Con 2013 in review

We returned from Geek Girl Con late last night full of smiles and stories. I am still reeling from all of the great people we met and the terrific energy of this convention.

Highlights of my weekend include, but are not limited to:

  • meeting Stasia Burrington – a favorite artist of mine, and a new favorite of my daughter’s friend
  • tabling next to Egypt Urnash – a wonderful person that kept us giggling through most of the weekend
  • the remote control Dalek – both scary and awesome – cannot wait for the disco additions!
  • talking to all of the volunteers – if the tower of giraffes shows up at your table, you know you’re in trouble!
  • doing two awesome commissions – one of which was of an attendee in her fabulous Victorian Batgirl costume. I had so much fun painting that image and she was a perfect model.


We really felt a part of the Geek Girl Con experience, and were overwhelmed by the response our comic and my art received from the attendees. Who knew there would be so much love for a gangster platypus on a skateboard with a top hat, monocle, handlebar mustache, scarf and Tommy gun?!

If you attended the 2013 Geek Girl Con and were unable to purchase any of the items you saw at our table, please visit my store to make your purchases there.

Thank you and see you all next year!

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