Flauntleroi inspires poet at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival


It is no secret that the Seattle Erotic Art Festival (SEAF) is my favorite event of the season. Not only is there fantastic art, but there are performances and readings, live drawing sessions and interactive stations, tours and sensory delights. SEAF transports you to another realm where everything is beautiful, everyone is accepted, and every sense is piqued.

I am proud to say that I volunteer my time and efforts as a designer to the layout and creation of the SEAF catalog for the past 4 years. I am honored to have my art accepted by the SEAF jury for the past 5 years, and for each of those years, my art has sold and I have heard how happy my art has made its new patron and those that viewed it at the show. But this year has been extra special. This year, my art inspired someone else to create a piece of art of their own.

I arrived Friday night and promptly ran into an old friend who was also giving tours. He told me that a member of one of his earlier tours had written a poem based on their impressions of Flauntleroi! Though he tried to get the two of us together to meet, it didn’t end up happening. BUT! He did connect us online. I have chatted with the author, Zoe Brook, and we both shared our enthusiasm for the experience of creating art in impromptu (and at the time, anonymous) collaboration, and she has allowed me to post the poem she wrote here for all of my followers to read and experience.

I am deeply honored and flattered to present to you Zoe Brook’s poem:

Confidence Talks. 4/27/18.
By Zoe Brook.
In response to Flauntleroi.

When you meet their eyes straight on
when your shoulders thrown back without constant maintenance
that little smile in the corners of your mouth
the steps you take that float on air
laughter that rings around you freely
light shining off your hair
sparking in your eyes
that’s confidence talks
you speak into confidence
until confidence speaks into you
no matter which is this moment
in this moment
are incredibly sexy.

Thank you, Zoe, for seeing the celebration of confidence in my art. Thank you more, for reveling in your own inspiration and creating more art from mine. Finally, and most importantly, thank you for sharing your art with me.

You can read more about Zoe and view her works at her website: https://zoebrook.com/.

3 thoughts on “Flauntleroi inspires poet at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival

  1. Sophia says:

    Thank you so much for announcing this collaboration of visual an literary art! I so wish we could put together something like a book or at least a web page celebrating these magic combinations of art. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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