Earlier this Fall, I had a conversation with a fellow artist and friend about how I wanted to do something “BIG”, but didn’t know where or how to start. We talked about how I love large pieces of art because they envelop the viewer. I was eager to try different painting styles too, but was continuously letting fear of the unknown (and of failure) have the upper hand, and squelch my ambition.

My friend then said he would challenge me. That by Christmas of this year, I had to create something “BIG”. At least 3×4 and in a style I usually don’t use. This inspired me, so off I went to plan and sketch and eventually paint and produce this piece. It is inspired by a burlesque dancer my husband and I saw a few months ago. The piece is acrylic and ink on canvas and is the required 3×4.

Thank you to my friend for the push. I love the piece and I am excited to use this style again in another upcoming project!

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